fuck comcast

My internet has been working sparodically for a few days now, since the motherfucking jackasses at Comcast seem to be unable to get the fucking name servers to work. Now, thanks to the Open Root Server Confederation I can surf the goddamn internet again. Power cycle this, bitches.

15 Responses to “fuck comcast”

  1. Fuck You COMCAST! Says:

    My damn connection has been flashing the ONLINE L.E.D for the past goddamn 6 months and due to their fucking retardism I can’t get any FUCKING fix. There is no other better service in the area. I’M SICK OF THEIR SHIT! Goddamn cocksuckers.

  2. JimK Says:

    You and I are fighting it out on Google for the number one entry for the search phrase “Fuck Comcast.” *So* awesome.

    I got AT&T DSL (formerly SBC) not a week after my post, and it’s been down *one* time for like 20 minutes. That’s all I’m saying. :)

  3. Gort Says:

    Fuck Comcast is right! They totally suck. High speed, my cock! I went to PC Pitstop for internet test @ 28mbps, slower than a phone modem. The 1/2 a nit wit tech says nothing is wrong. LOL.

  4. Smoove D Says:

    @Jim K - Ha! I had no idea I was even on the first page with that phrase. There’s quite a lot of competition for it, since they suck so much dick.

  5. demodick Says:

    Eat shit and die, Comcast. Proof that deregulation is a failure! Nationalize those sons a bitches and throw their sorry asses in jail.

  6. Colin Says:

    Their goddamn commercials piss me off. Lower Bucks, Cablevision, Suburban Cable, and RCN never advertised themselves so often. Everything says Comcast on it, all these commericals (about 1-2 per break) and all of the enthusiasts who are hypnotized by them. I hate Comcast because they are bitches in the industry and they stretch the truth on their commericals, who wants bursting anyway? Oh, and donating 1 million to education is such bullshit, it costs them millions for these commericals that advertise their “charity.” It’s only a scheme for them to look good for the unsuspecting public. These people have to stop before all of the east coast starts boycotting or something, because if there was a riot, I’d join it. FIBER FUCKIN RULES!

  7. Jesus Says:

    My Friends, Fuck Comcast indeed. I think we need the revolution. Comcast is in need of a kick to the balls, a public stoning and a witty insult to it’s wretched mother.

    We must band together.


  8. Kret Says:

    I think congress should introduce a bill that outlaws comcast in our country and then insults them and calls them fuckhead ball suckers.

  9. Joe Says:

    Comcast fucking sucks! They’re doing this new thing were if you exceed a certain amount of bandwith a month, they cancel your subscription for a year. What kind of shit is that? I believe the ads say unlimited internet access… now there’s a limit? And with the TV, I’m watching a show and all of a sudden my shit goes blank, so I call Comcast and they say there’s a local problem that will take over an hour to fix. Well what the fuck? Are they going to pay me for missing that hour of television I paid for?

    All in all,

  10. ginger vitys Says:

    Comcast sucks major horse cock and takes it up their collective corporate bleeding assholes. I hate these Comcast motherfuckers. They said my machine had a virus and was sending spam. So, I followed their lame fix tutorial to the letter, and the cum-mouthed cocksuckers won’t unblock my SMTP outgoing mail. Moreover, the goddamned shit drops out regularly, and the fucking DNS servers are often gone.

  11. Max Says:

    Comcast can shove a saw up their ass. I just found out today they have no guarantee of minimum speeds only a possible maximum meaning according to your contract they don’t really even have to provide you with internet service. My maximum UL dropeed from 150kb/s to 50 and all they said was that their may have been high usage in the area and to try later. I need my internet all the time and their BULLSHIT customer service is unacceptable. This company will not last they could give a shit less about their customers and service although they advertise like they have the best service and prices. Qwest is cheaper here anyways and I have heard their customer service treats you like a paying customer.

  12. rick Says:

    I dream of murdering the Comcast CEO. It would be so nice. A .357 in his mouth, the hammer pulls back, and his fucking brains fly on the wall. Fuck you, Comcast.

  13. Comspastic Colon Says:

    I work for a CLEC so I deal with these shitheads all day. I can tell you that a Comcast business account is great, they offer tons of support and compared to any DSL provider the downtime is much less. But the residential service makes me want to punch people in Pakistan through the phone. I called them recently because I noticed the line drop at my house was done with old CATV 5 cable which slows my connection down to nothing. Instead of helping me by replacing the drop with some cable from this century, the rep. put me through some troubleshooting that totally brought down my connection and made me rebuild my entire in house network.

    I’d love to switch to a different provider, but i guess those antitrust laws don’t really mean too much anymore…….

  14. Booted By Comcast Says:

    Fuck the wretched insides of this foul uncaring entity. I actually worked for Comcast… And lemme tell ya… I LOVED IT! Of course I was still in training, but I got fired for missing work because I sprained my ankle at my other job, UPS (A WORSE FOUL SPHINCTERED COMPANY), and pretty badly. They give you all that high priced shit for free… Well almost, but now they’re working on Comcast WIRELESS. These fucks. And they leave me behind… Due to an injury that happened during training that I was out a DAY for. Anyways Qwest sucks out here for DSL. Comcast is great for that… BUT (and this is another company I worked for) one you’ve watched Kat Von D of LA Ink in HD, Dish Network will all but make you forget about the benefits of the only TRUE FORM of On Demand. Viva la Kat, FUCK COMCAST. IT’S KATASTIC!

  15. Chris Haberle Says:

    Comcast can suck on the genital warts that fall off my dick.