nancy can bake my pizza any time

Based on a tip from Devon Suter in his post about mighty tasty pizza, I ordered a deep dish pie from Nancy’s Pizzeria. Devon is the man. Nancy’s pepperoni pizza is fucking superlative. Without a doubt, this is the best Chicago style pizza I have ever had. Nancy’s Pizzeria is my new favorite pizza joint, knocking Fellini’s out of the number one spot.

2 Responses to “nancy can bake my pizza any time”

  1. marquis liberty Says:

    What up D? Nancy’s rules. Chillin’ in FLA at 90+ in October. Not what i signed up for.

  2. Smoove D Says:

    What’s up, Marquis? Yeah, but all those Florida hotties are walking around with almost nothing on, because it’s 90+ in October… it’s all in your perspective.

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