fucktard of the week™

Smoove D, minding his own damn business, is waiting to cross the street in Atlantic Station, an overrated and underwhelming retail development in Midtown Atlanta. An early 1990s vintage red and white Ford Bronco full of lost retards pulls up next to Smoove D. The passenger window rolls down and the following exchange takes place.

“Can you give us directions to Perimeter Mall?”


“Perimeter Mall.”


“It’s on Ashford Dunwoody.”

“Never heard of it.”

Perimeter Mall is fucking fifteen miles from Atlantic Station. Buy a motherfucking map and stop bothering me.

3 Responses to “fucktard of the week™”

  1. Conqueress Says:

    Fucktard is my favorite word… seems to encompass so many different people into one perfect little category. Maybe the idiots mistook your look of ravenous anger for the “I longly wish to help you find you way. Here’s a Bible while I’m at it.”

  2. Smoove D Says:

    Good advice. I’ll start carrying a bible once I get my little Olympus back from the shop. Then I’ll be able to post photos of what a bible looks like shoved up someone’s ass sideways.

  3. Conqueress Says:

    Now THAT is something I look forward to seeing, LMAO!

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