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Smoove D is standing in front of the beer cooler at Wegmans, looking to purchase some tasty Saranac when the following conversation takes place:

“Why don’t you try some Phin and Matt’s Pale Ale?”

“Never heard of it. Besides, it’s brewed in Lakewood, how good can it be?”

“It says best beer in the galaxy right on the side.”

“That’s likely. Besides, $7.49 a six pack is a little pricey when the Saranac is only $5.49 and I know it’s good.”

I get home and ask the internet what it thinks of Southern Tier Brewing. Results are favorable and the brewery hosts tours on Saturdays at four, so I add it to my Palm.

Later in the week, after Saranac supplies are exhausted, I pick up some of Phin and Matt’s Extraordinary Ale. At home, I crack open a bottle with low expectations. Much to my surprise, it was extremely zesty and might replace Sierra Nevada Pale Ale as my favorite beer. In the interest of scientific inquiry, a head to head taste test will take place.

Saturday, we arrive for the tour, slap down five ducats each, and begin tasting. We start off with a Triple, Belgian style, which is all right. Next, an India Pale Ale is served - very tasty and a bit brighter than the Saranac IPA I drank earlier in the week. Phin and Matt’s Extraordinary Ale follows the IPA. Hops Sun - a summer brew - comes next. I like it, but the IPA is a better warm weather beer. Finally, Porter is served and is very good.

The bartender fills our glasses one last time and we set off on the tour, led by Phin. He offers us a sample of something new called Big Red. The beer is all right, but the others are tastier. Next, Phin provides samples of an Imperial IPA. I found it good, but overly strong. I would have loved this beer in college.

I highly recommend Southern Tier Brewing.

6 Responses to “southern tier brewing tour”

  1. Conqueress Says:

    Hmmm. I am a fan of Spanish Peaks Honey Raspberry Ale. Never been big on the beer tasting, but sounds like you’re having fun!

  2. nicky Says:

    Try Sweetwater’s Summer Hummer… yum!

  3. Seth Says:

    That Porter sounds yummy as does Phin and Matt’s Ale. Hopefully they have some of it around here.

  4. Smoove D Says:

    Sorry man, they only have distribution as far south as Pittsburgh.

  5. Alan Says:

    All they make is goodness. I have to leave my country to get their beer and I do.

  6. Smoove D Says:

    Thanks for stopping by, Alan. Your beer blog was one of the first pages to come up when I consulted Google about Southern Tier Brewing. Both the blog and the beer were great finds.

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