sweet oblivion: big vessel and the hot carltons play lake lanier

Kneeling down with your head in a bowl
Telling yourself there should never be days like this
Just when you thought that you had it down
You woke up dreaming of cocaine and clowns
–13 Engines

Officer Naughty, Jason, and I are chilling on the dock waiting for the shuttle. Two tall brunettes walk past looking for the shuttle, one with stunning ice blue eyes and the other with legs longer than a Stephen King novel. I ignore the hotties and continue admiring Officer Naughty’s cleavage and pounding Old Chubb.

Three cans of Old Chubb later, we arrive at the houseboat. I drink a few more cans of Old Chubb and end up in the water.

the hot carltons

Around three o’clock, The Hot Carltons played. I think. I do not remember their set.

big vessel

After The Hot Carltons played, I switched to Dale’s Pale Ale because the Old Chubb was fucking my shit up. Hence, I actually remember most of Big Vessel’s set. Highlights included Big Vessel playing the supremely appropriate Raft and one of my favorites, Something Out There, which name checks 6th Street. I highly recommend catching Big Vessel, especially if they happen to be playing on the water*.

drunk, drunk, drunk in the gardens and the graves

Big Vessel finishes and I remain in the water with various other recurring Propeller Skies characters. One of them expresses concern about my inebriated swimming skills. I respond I can swim better than I can walk. This turns out to be true. I pick a chair on the beach and sit, since this walking thing is not working out so well. The Quiet One brings me an extremely zesty brat filled with cheese and wrapped with bacon. I highly recommend brats grilled by The Quiet One.

I am essentially out of commission at this point, as is most of the crowd. I decide this is a good time to stop drinking. I reflect that three Old Chubbs ago would have been a great time to curtail the imbibing while launching a technicolor yawn off the side of the boat.


* Let’s just say the lead singer is not so difficult to look at in a bikini.

2 Responses to “sweet oblivion: big vessel and the hot carltons play lake lanier”

  1. Seth Says:

    HA! I knew it was all lies! I’ve seen you with those plastic spinners before.

    Sounds like a good time. I think drinking and diving is more dangerous than drunken dog paddling.

    What the devil is Old Chubb?

  2. Smoove D Says:

    Drinking and diving is a really bad idea.

    Old Chubb is a Scottish style beer brewed by Oskar Blues in Colorado. You guys can’t get it in the Fundamentalist Republic of South Carolina because it’s 8 percent alcohol. Not that Georgia is that progressive - we’ve only been allowed high alcohol brews for about a year now. Good stuff.

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