fuck t-mobile

A few weeks ago, after suffering from abysmal coverage for five years, I gave T-Mobile the boot. Over the last year, on my daily commute I only had network service for roughly 30 percent of the drive. Other areas of Atlanta where I experienced a general lack of coverage include:

  • On or near the MARTA East Line - generally no service or one bar;
  • East Point - one bar, or possibly two when stepping outside; and
  • East Atlanta Village - usually no service, sometimes one bar when stepping outside.

Unfortunately, T-Mobile’s issues do not end outside of metro Atlanta. Lack of coverage in Columbus significantly complicated my efforts to meet The Geographer. T-Mobile is NOT recommended.

3 Responses to “fuck t-mobile”

  1. hunter Says:

    T-Mobile is the suck. Had T-Mobile service for a previous employer, and it dropped calls like Heidi Fleiss dropped names.

  2. hilda d Says:

    T-Mobile is the fuckin’ worst. They have the cheapest rates, but you will need all the money you save for your shrink when the lack of coverage and dropped calls drive you crazy!

  3. Carl Says:

    Fuck T-Mobile, save yourself the bullshit of all these shitty companies and buy yourself one of the pre-paid cell phones. Once again I’d like to say FUCK T-MOBILE and I hope this class action lawsuit against them drives them into a cold heartless death. Yes, I hate them that much.

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