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Long time Propeller Skies readers will recall that in the days of way back, The Vertical One, Greta Von Dom, and I rolled up on Slice. Overall, it was a decent venue, but Castleberry Hill was not exactly happening. Recently, I have been finding myself in that neighborhood - and eating at Slice - quite often.

lunch at slice

I was by myself the first time I dropped in on Slice for lunch. I ordered the Stevarino sandwich, which comes with the most perfect condiment ever invented - ranch dressing. The Stevarino was fucking excellent. I highly recommend the Steverino.

The second lunch I ate at Slice included recurring Propeller Skies character Young Deezy. I forget what Young Deezy ordered, but I ate the Chicken Parmesan sandwich and a Ceaser salad. In contrast to the previously consumed Stevarino, the Chicken Parmesan sandwich was rather dull. Not bad, just lacking the creativity and unique flavor of the Stevarino. While the Ceaser salad was tasty, Figo still makes the best one in Atlanta.

On my third trip to Slice, I chowed down on the BQE. Like the Stevarino, the BQE exploded with flavor and originality - I highly recommend it. When visiting Ghettoberry Hood, Slice is a fantastic place to eat lunch. Stick to the specialty sandwiches for a true flavor experience.

dinner at slice

While the sandwiches are dope, the pizza at Slice is superlative. A fuckton of recurring Propeller Skies characters and I invaded Slice on a surprisingly busy Monday night. I don’t remember what kind of pizza we ordered, but it was bangin’. Not too long after that, the Beaver and I stopped in to Slice for dinner and I had lasagna, which was superb, despite the rather odd practice of specifying ingredients when ordering. I picked ground beef and sun dried tomatoes that made for an extremely tasty dish. I highly recommend dinner at Slice.

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    Beats hell out of the restaurant review column in the papers. They keep talking about ambience and I never ate ambience.

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