paschal’s review

Young Deezy and I had time to kill in Castleberry Hill on a Monday* afternoon, so we rolled up on Paschal’s. Not the old school restaurant where Martin Luther King and a bunch of famous people hung out, but a new, improved, and sanitized version.

This was a while ago**, so, I have no recall of what the fuck I ordered. The food, while reasonably tasty, is not the story anyway.

Slow service is the story. I realize Paschal’s is in the south, where everyone is on Qualudes***. However, Paschal’s service is incredibly lackadaisical even by southern standards. I estimate it took approximately forty five minutes to get the beers we ordered. After another half an hour, our food came out. Except for Young Deezy’s fries, they took another twenty minutes.

Paschal’s is recommended, just have four hours to spare.


* Important, because there ain’t shit open in the motherfucking ghetto on Monday.
** Because I don’t give a fuck about updating.
*** Actually, they’re all crank addled hicks, they just act like they’re on ‘ludes.

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