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I fucking hate sushi. Raw fish smells awful and is simply not fit for human consumption. So of course I agreed to meet The Beaver, My Favorite Person In The Whole World, and some other people at Wasabi in Ghettoberry Hood.

While waiting for the other people, The Beaver and I ordered drinks. Of the first two beers I requested from the drink menu, Wasabi had exactly zero. Fuckers. On the third try, I managed to score a pint of Guinness, saving the hapless waiter from a beatdown.

While everyone else ate, I continued imbibing. They seemed to like the sushi. I enjoyed my Guinness. A Japanese beer, such as a Sapporo, would have also been excellent, if the restaurant could be bothered to have any on hand.

Wasabi is overpriced and undercooked. I predict the $30,000 millionaire crowd will love it. Personally, I wish Top Spice would open a location in the ghetto.

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  1. nicky Says:

    Don’t be a hater! (Hater!) Wasabi has great sushi, and an OK selection of drinks- just not YOUR BEER!
    Thx for lowering yourself to go, it’s fun having you along when you aren’t complaining too much.

  2. hunter Says:

    If the Japanese weren’t too damned busy discovering new perversions, they would have figured out how to cook their food generations ago. ;)

  3. nicky Says:

    At least we have interesting things to surf for on the net, right Hunter? ;)

  4. The OE Says:

    I love sushi, but if it’s a trendy place then I don’t like sushi. If we were in XXXXXXX, XX or XXXXXXXX, XX then I have to eat sushi almost every day because that fish was alive right before they put it on my plate.

  5. writer Says:

    When you think about it, cooking something when it is dead is kinda nasty as well. You not only kill something, you also burn it in a fire. Then you eat it.

    Was there no Kirin beer? I like Kirin beer.

  6. hunter Says:

    If you don’t stick it in the fire, then how do you get the cheese to melt?

    Fire good.

  7. writer Says:

    Good point, Hunter. I was just saying.

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