studio grille review

[This review is rather pointless, since Smoove took so fucking long to write it that the goddamn place went out of business in the meantime. But we be running short of content up in this bitch, so here it is anyway - Ed.]

After shooting some flicks, The Republican, The Beaver, and I rolled into the Studio Grille. We ordered some drinks, which were nice and strong, and glanced at the menu. Maryland farmer, the Studio Grille is overpriced. A 10 dollar hamburger - what the fuck? This is Atlanta, not London. In addition to affordability, the Studio Grille also lacked substantial ambiance. We finished our drinks and moseyed down the street to Slice.

4 Responses to “studio grille review”

  1. hunter Says:

    $10 burgers are the norm around here. Especially if they’re made out of some stupid boutique meat, like walrus, platypus or virgin. And they usually come dressed with retarded condiments like shredded Jerusalem artichoke and hollandaise sauce. Barf.

  2. James T Says:

    Mmmmmm virgin walrus meat is the best!

  3. Seth Says:

    Now we know why it went out of business.

    I saw a place called “Local Burger” with all local meats and they charged $5.50.

    Start the revolution!

  4. Saltation Says:

    >A 10 dollar hamburger - what the fuck? This is Atlanta, not London.

    dude. no WAY you’d get a burger over here for £5. that’s “happy” meal territory.

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