the grille on seventh review

My second night in the PGH, I dropped into The Grille on Seventh for dinner. The food was not so good. It was decent by Pittsburgh standards, but poor in comparison to Atlanta. I will not belabor this, as the bartender was fucking awesome.

I was wearing my Southern Tier shirt and the bartender, an obvious beer fan, asked if I worked there. I responded with something like, no, I just drink the beer. I asked about the Magic Hat display and had a taste of the Apricot beer. Not bad, but I do not generally care for a side of fruit in my beer. Next I tried the Magic Hat wheat beer, which was excellent. After that, I had a Hop Devil India Pale Ale from Victory, which was mighty tasty. I don’t remember the rest.

Some time during the beer drinking and discussion of microbrews, a crew rolled up from the horrible restaurant next to the hotel, which I did not eat at, complements of Citysearch. They were pretty cool folks and Big Lebowski fans as a bonus. Because the place was dead anyway, the bartender shut down early. On my way out, he recommended the Ale House.

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