msm bashing: david graves edition

Just so we are clear, internet, I have a few points to make about Access Atlanta and their corporate overlords, the Atlanta Urinal Constipation, before bashing David Graves. First, Access Atlanta is a neutered rip off of the far superior Creative Loafing aimed at bland suburban douchebags. Second, the Atlanta Urinal constipation as a whole is a poorly written pile of shit and is not worth the paper it is printed on.

That said, Mr. Graves faces the wrath of the Prizzo Skeezy for making completely retarded comments about Ghettoberry Hood. Mr. Graves asks the following about Castleberry Hill, “Being a burgeoning arts district, where are the coffeehouses, boutiques — or food marts for that matter?” Well, allow me to retort, Mr. Graves. The Coffee Loft is located at 322 Peters Street. Another coffee house, Tilt is at 274 Walker Street. How about actually wandering around the neighborhood you are reporting on next time, Mr. Graves? Or just firing up Google?

As for boutiques, try driving down Peters Street and looking - Urban Fusion is one shop that comes to mind. One block to the north on Walker Street are several small storefronts, along with the slightly larger Fog Armour.

The only thing Mr. Graves got correct is the lack of a grocery store.

Finally, Mr. Graves is a horrible photographer. There is no excuse for the flash reflecting off the glass in the poorly composed picture accompanying the article.


Original article: Star Shines On Peters Street. Visit Bugmenot to avoid the bullshit registration.

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