petit zinc

As astute readers who peruse the Liquid Diet category have likely ascertained from its absence , I am not a fan of Vodka. Mostly because it lacks flavor. I am not fond of the Freedom either. Of course, there are exceptions - like smoldering news anchor Melissa Theuriau. The Petit Zinc is also an exception. Reverse engineered by Paul Harrington based on the limited recollection of a bar patron who had the drink on vacation in Freedom, The Petit Zinc is quite obscure.

This is another orange cocktail, like the Derby Cocktail or Satan’s Whiskers. The taste sensation is overwhelmingly orange with some nice herbal notes from the sweet vermouth. This cocktail is also rather sweet, especially compared to my usual libations.

The Petit Zinc is recommended, with reservations. While this is a mighty tasty concoction, I find the cocktail rather sweeter than I generally prefer.

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