the communist

I had a shit ton of lemons left over from doing a few practice rounds with The Photographer prior to heading to Star. So I thumbed through my copy of Vintage Spirits and Forgotten Cocktails, a generous Christmas present from Homecracka Ed G, looking for something involving lemons. I came across the recipe for The Communist, which also required gin and since I love gin like Rick James loves Mary Jane, this was a cocktail begging to be tried.

The flavor of The Communist is very crisp and citrus. I especially enjoy the delightfully bitter finish, which saves this drink from being a sweet shooter favored by amateur drinkers. While The Communist is delicious in its own right, the drink is somewhat similar to the Singapore Sling.

Ingredients of The Communist include: gin, cherry brandy, lemon juice, and orange juice. Since I was fresh out of cherry brandy, I substituted Cherry Heering - the internet is inconclusive on whether this liqueur is cherry brandy or not. For the gin component, I used Tanqueray No. Ten, a strongly flavored gin that stands up to the fruit explosion of the other ingredients.

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