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To celebrate Halloween, The Man held a costume contest and provided a free lunch. Not wanting to see my colleagues in tasteful costumes*, I suggested having a rebel lunch to a few folks in my group. Suggestions were solicited like prostitutes, a vote was taken, and Halloween lunch was held at Carver’s.

Carver’s serves southern food, which I am not particularly fond of. I was less than enthusiastic, but thrilled to see Carver’s offered barbecue pork, which I ordered. For sides, I consumed mashed potatoes with ham and cheese along with macaroni and cheese. I like cheese.

The barbecue pork was flavorful and tender, but not at the same level as my favorite Rolling Bones or Fox Brothers. While the macaroni and cheese was decent, the mashed potatoes with ham and cheese were off the hizzle fo’ shizzle. The food is on the tastier side of decent, portions are large and lunch costs under $10.00, an important consideration in this Bush Economy™.

Carver’s is an Atlanta institution and certainly worth visiting at least once. If I worked nearby, I would take lunch there more often. Carver’s gets three macaroni and cheeses out of five.

The food at Carver’s is far superior to the flavorless dreck served by Mary Mac’s tea room. Therefore, Carver’s is a much better place to take visitors.


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* There might be two or three I would like to see in tasteless (read: slutty) costumes, but the vast majority of them, not so much.

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3 Responses to “carver’s review”

  1. hunter Says:

    What, no gravy and cornbread?

  2. Seth Says:

    No greens, chicken feet or chitlins? I like most Southern food but not all of it. J and I love cheese too. I think bad people hate cheese.

    Glad to hear your brewing went well!

  3. Smoove D Says:

    Oh, right, forgot about the cornbread. I figured that was implied. There may be greens, chicken feet, and chitlins, but I stopped at pork and cheesy goodness.