255 tapas lounge review

After several attempts, Mr. Coffee from the Coffee Loft convinced me I should try 255 Tapas Lounge with him. This started off badly for a number of reasons. First, I hate tapas. The term itself is Spanish for ripping off stupid Gringos. When I pay money for food, I like to feel full - for some reason, I am always hungry after eating small plates. Also, in Atlanta, small plates do not often come with small prices.

Second, the owner of 255 Tapas Lounge, Courtland Jackson, came off as a dick when quoted in the Atlanta Urinal Constipation. Mr. Jackson essentially called all the white people in Ghettoberry Hood racists[1]. However, in his defense, the quality of reporting in the Atlanta Urinal Constipation consistently rates slightly above mentally deficient. For example, in the article, the paper did not even get the number of lanes on Peters Street correct. [ Update: Mr. Jackson's response* - Ed. ]

the beer

While chilling at the bar waiting for Mr. Coffee to show up, I enjoyed gazing at the hottie bartender and sipping a Guinness. The bartender was wearing fashionable glasses - hot women with glasses drive me crazy.

However, the Guinness I ordered was severely overpriced. The cost was over $7.00, which for a glass of beer is fucking ridiculous. Who, besides Wall Street pigmen living like fat cats on the backs of the taxpayers has that kind of money in this Bush Economy™?

the food

Despite the diminutive serving sizes, the food was excellent. I ordered the ring tower and crab tots. Both were very flavorful. The crab tots in particular were extremely zesty and an interesting take on a low brow side. I enjoyed them very much.

In contrast to drinks, food prices were in line with the portion size and quality of the food. 255 Tapas Lounge is recommended for the food, but bring a fat wad of cash to drink.

the service

Service was fucking awful. Several young attractive waitresses passed Mr. Coffee and I by, while others promised to return and take our orders, but never did. In frustration, we dragged our starving selves to the bar and used our last bit of strength to order from the aforementioned hottie bartender.


1. Original Atlanta Urinal Constipation article.
* As the poster did not leave an email address, Propeller Skies can not guarantee Mr. Jackson actually wrote the comment. However, the response does seem legitimate.

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3 Responses to “255 tapas lounge review”

  1. Buzz Crew Says:

    So, what’s your opinion on the AJC article other than it’s in a crap newspaper and they got their facts wrong about the number of lanes on Peters Street? Do you know what happened to the two restaurants that were accused of illegally operating as nightclubs? Since you live in the neighborhood, do you agree that the traffic and noise is out of control at night on Peters Street? I don’t know exactly where you live in the neighborhood but out of pure curiosity, can you personally hear the noise of the increased traffic that the article references?

  2. Smoove D Says:

    I would prefer the neighborhood not be the next Buckhead - unless of course that means I can unload my condo on some bourgeoisie sucker for a cool half a million.

    I don’t know what happened to the restaurants, but none have closed down, so I’m guessing they paid some fines and went on their way.

    The traffic is not so much out of control, it’s more of a problem of people double parking, blocking lanes, and generally just being douche bags. A little enforcement from the police department would go a long way. As for noise, it does get a bit loud, but it is a commercial district! I personally don’t hear it as I was lucky enough to be too poor to afford a place on Peters Street and was relegated to the edge of the neighborhood.

  3. CJ Says:

    As the owner of 255 Tapas Lounge, I appreciate the honesty and candor of this blog. At the outset I would like to be clear about my statements in the AJC or AUC as you have affectionately termed. No it is not my belief that residents of Castleberry are racist or even close to that, I do however believe that the concentrated presence of restaurants and bars with high African American patronage is slightly unsettling to some of the neighbors whom may have envisioned a slightly different commercial landscape in the community. I hope over time the present feelings of uneasiness subside, as the businesses and residents sincerely work towards creating a safer and more controlled neighborhood experience.

    I am pleased to know that the food were enjoyable, I am working doggedly to improve the level of service. Your criticisms are valid, I hope to make the corrections that will ensure a much better customer experience. Its hoped you stop back by again, ask for CJ the Guiness is on me…