three floyds gumball head wheat beer

The Hockey Player brought some tasty bombers from Three Floyds Brewing the last time he was in town. Three Floyds products are unobtainable here in the Dirty South, to the point that I had never heard of them. Based on the beers I have sampled and what the internet says, Three Floyds Brewing is totally tubular. How The Hockey Player figured this out is beyond me, as that mofo drinks shit like Jeppson’s Malort.

Alert readers will recall I hate wheat beer, but recently have had two positive experiences. I might reconsider my position on wheat beer, but Gumball Head is no ordinary wheat beer. This is wheat beer hopped out the ass and I like that a fuckton.

Gumball Head reminds me of Campari - the hops come on strong and bitter and then fade to an aftertaste reminiscent of grapefruit. While imbibing this delicious brew, dreams of nubile midwestern blondes kissed by the midsummer sun danced through my head. Three Floyd’s Gumball Head is highly fucking recommended. Thanks to The Hockey Player for hooking a cracka up.

3 Responses to “three floyds gumball head wheat beer”

  1. Christopolis Hunterferilli Says:

    Glad you liked it. I’ll be going to their 2009 DarkLord Day in celebration of their Russian imperial stout. It’s amazing.

  2. Seth Says:

    Damn! “Robert the Bruce”? That might be one of the coolest beer names ever. I’ll have to keep my eye open for Three Floyds beers. Thanks again for the freecycling! I gave it to J and she’s absolutely addicted. Also AT&T has no idea. Suckers!

  3. Smoove D Says:

    Sweet! Glad you’re sticking it to The AT&T Man and it found a good home.