advertisement fail

While watching Bad Girls Club, I have been bombarded with commercials about high fructose corn syrup during every single fucking break. Each advertisement is slightly different, but the theme is the same - they strongly imply high fructose corn syrup is perfectly safe and just like sugar.

If high fructose corn syrup is really perfectly safe, why all the advertisements? And why is the statement high fructose corn syrup is perfectly safe never said outright? Any budding lawyers out there want to take on big corn?

2 Responses to “advertisement fail”

  1. Christopolis Hunterferilli Says:

    Fuck that, I can’t believe it’s not butter!

  2. Saltation Says:

    well, it IS just as safe as sugar. because sugar is 50% fructose.

    thing is, sugar is actually pretty toxic, as a food. we’re not built for it. it fucks us up. furs up your arteries, creates high cholesterol, and makes you fat (where pure fat in the absence of sugar does NOT).

    so yes it’s as safe as sugar. but sugar’s not “safe”.