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Last week, The Photographer and I hit 255 Tapas Lounge for dinner on a weeknight. While I had been less than enthralled on my previous visit, she noted her interest in going when we passed by on our way to Slice one evening. I also wanted to stop in again to see if things had improved.

behold the power of cheese

I was suspicious that owner Courtland Jackson’s comment on my previous review of 255 Tapas Lounge was someone playing a prank. I certainly did not expect him to change anything I criticized. I mean seriously, who listens to a web site that had a daily readership of cinco at its peak and has substantially less than that now?


Upon arriving, we were seated quickly. Soon after, an attractive waitress showed up, listed some drink specials, and took our order. She quickly returned with the drinks and took our food order. Food delivery was also prompt. Service is good and has been massively improved since my last visit.

drink specials

The aforementioned drink specials were a five dollar Apple Martini, Cosmopolitan, or Margarita. Obviously, I ordered the Apple Martini - not! The Margarita was reasonably tasty and at five dollars, a decent value. This was an immense improvement over my last visit and overpriced Guinness.


The Photographer and I ordered crab tots, calamari, and baby burgers. As last time, the food prices were appropriate to the portion size. Also similar to my last visit, the food was really fucking delicious. Crab tots are a brilliant idea and mighty tasty - they’re essentially miniature fried crab cakes and explode with flavor. The baby burgers were beyond excellent, I had the Baby Angus and Baby Chicken. Both were exquisite, the Baby Angus tasted like steak on a bun and the Baby Chicken was crisp and flavorful.

the verdict

With decent service, drink specials, and stand out food, 255 Tapas Lounge is now highly recommended.

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