slice: long term test

I have lived in Ghettoberry Hood for a few years now, and Slice is a restaurant I frequent like Elliott Spitzer patronizes hookers. For those overachieving Prizzo Skeezy readers who want to view my earlier thoughts on Slice, use the motherfucking search box, as I am too drunk and lazy to include links to previous reviews.

PBR here we are. Waiting for a calzone. Barkeep bring me another tall boy of that singular swill. Fucking finally the goddamn booze kicks in and life is smoove. A smile for the pretty waitress.

The pepperoni calzone arrives, hot like a Cleveland Steamer, but far more tasty. Slice is highly recommended. Every time I have been over the last two years, the food has always been tasty, service has been exemplary, and prices are reasonable.

This review would be incomplete without mention of the ambiance. Because ambiance is clearly the most important attribute of a restaurant. Every time I walk into Slice, I feel so motherfucking hip and urban.

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One Response to “slice: long term test”

  1. Saltation Says:

    where is the Smoove D?

    we want more Smoove D